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SUZETTE & JAMES |johannesburg nature engagement sessionMarch 28, 2014

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Suzette & James are the winners of our free engagement session for the annual Wedding Friends’ xmas give-away. They wanted a romantic natural feel for their session, so we headed to one of the public parks in Johannesburg – it was a beautiful afternoon and many giggles were shared between the two of them. 🙂

Here’s the story in Suzette’s own words of how these two got engaged:

“James and I had been dating for just over a year; we had discussed the idea of getting engaged but I had no idea that he was planning to propose very soon. Of course, the notion of getting engaged was postponed in my imagination as he told me that it would only be ‘in the near future’ as he put it. So in December 2012 we were invited to join his family for their annual Christmas dinner; I had come straight from work and was looking forward to spending some quality time with him and his family.

He had been smiling at me most of the evening and at some stage I recall asking him if he was feeling well. He just answered and said  that he was ‘in a really good mood’. I thought it was quite cute but didn’t pay too much attention as I was more fixated on the aromas filling the air while his sister was cooking. It was finally dinner time and we all gathered around the table to have a delicious meal. It was a warm summers evening with stars in the sky; the table was beautifully decorated with candles, Christmas crackers and everyone was wearing glittery Christmas hats. After dessert I was ready to go home; my stomach was full and my eyelids were heavy. This was when James took my hand in front of everyone and went down on one knee. He looked up and softly whispered that he had something to ask me. It was at that immediate moment that I started giggling and blushing; James had warned me that there would be a few ‘prank proposals’ and I couldn’t believe that I was about to be exposed to the first of many future pranks.

I was not about to get humiliated at Christmas dinner; in a moment of total denial I asked him where the ring was – thinking that I could stop any possible embarrassment by putting him on the spot instead.. That was when he reached for his pocket and took out a small little black box; looked me in my eyes and asked ‘Will you marry me?’ – sweetest thing ever! I was so amazed; over joyed; shocked and just as relieved that it wasn’t a prank! The ring was just as breathtaking; a beautiful halo diamond ring. I felt like the happiest and luckiest girl alive and definitely said ‘YES!!!!’ I look forward to our future together and being the future Mrs Lloyd..”