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SAMANTHA & MARSDEN |cullinan couple sessionAugust 5, 2013

posted in Couple Photoshoot

The Vickeries approached us for a couple session in celebration of their third year wedding anniversary. We decided on Cullinan, a beautiful yet humble small town just outside of Pretoria. Samantha & Marsden wanted to tell the story of their marriage journey throughout the session. This included their struggle in starting a family and their hope for the future. It was a really personal, creative and fun session. We were spoilt with the most beautiful golden natural light and the session finished off with a gorgeous sunset.

Here’s a summary of their journey in Samantha’s words:
“Marsden and I met in 2007 and after a rough beginning we finally made it official when Mars popped the question on the top of a mountain on horseback over looking St Francis Bay in December 2009. We knew we wanted to get married right away and got hitched in July 2010, Marsden is my soul mate and I couldn’t wait to start our ‘forever after’ with him. Marsden and I knew we both wanted kids and decided to start trying as soon as we could, unfortunately a year in we were told that infertility had played its card in our marriage, through the amazing support of our family and friends we decided to fight our way back and although we have not been successful yet, we will never give up hope. Marsden has been an unbelievable pillar of strength throughout this journey and I simply could not have picked better! Our marriage is filled with tons of fun and laughter, and of course an abundance of love. When our 3rd wedding anniversary rolled around this year we wanted to capture our marriage and our journey up until this point, incorporating things we could share with our children one day. Don’t give up hope, never go to bed angry, be kind to one another, and love.. always love. This is our Marriage.”